Can You Use Leave In Conditioner On Dry Hair?

Can leave in conditioner be used on dry hair? With so many wonderful benefits of using a leave in conditioner on damp hair, it’s no wonder why you’d want to use it on your dry hair too. Find out in this blog post if it is worth adding to your hair regimen during the week!

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Leave in conditioner is a product typically made by many brands as a step in their product line when it comes to hydrating before completing a hairstyle. It can be a great addition to a regimen to slow down the cycle of your hair feeling dry and brittle over time.

It is also a great idea to use a leave in conditioner as a way to prime the hair and protect it against the harsh elements and pollutants in the environment.

A leave in conditioner is usually applied to damp hair, but the question remains that once your hair gets dry again, is it ok to put leave in conditioner on dry hair? Find out in this blog post below!

This Post Is All About Leave In Conditioner On Dry Hair.


Can You Use Leave In Conditioner On Dry Hair?

Yes, but there are exceptions. Using a leave in conditioner on dry hair can be a great way to wake the hair up with a boost of moisture before it becomes too parched. It works well in keeping the hair soft and supple when applied at least once in between refreshing an old hairstyle.

Leave in conditioners usually contain light butters and oils that are typically infused in a higher ratio of water or aloe when compared to a styler or gel. As a result, using a leave in conditioner on dry hair is okay to do because it’s just some added moisture to the hair.

The one thing to look out for is if your hair is already feeling weighed down from using gels and stylers, you could run the risk of weighing your strands down even further.

If you use heavy butters and oils in your hair to help keep it soft throughout the week, be mindful that using a leave in on top of that may be counterproductive. The leave in will have a hard time penetrating through the oil barrier, leaving your hair still feeling dry.

While it is always recommended to use on wet or damp clean hair, applying a leave in conditioner on dry hair is okay too. If you have exposed ends that need a little rejuvenation throughout the week, go ahead and apply that leave in conditioner!

If you are rocking a wash and go or a twist out and you want to spritz on some of your favorite leave in conditioner, that is okay too. Remember that the  problems only arise when you over do it causing product build up.


What Is Leave In Conditioner and How Do You Use It?

Leave in conditioner is a light weight moisturizer that is formulated with water, botanicals herbs, vitamins, minerals and oils to help keep the hair hydrated for a longer period of time.

Once you shampoo and condition your hair, it is a good idea to follow up with a leave in conditioner of your choice before going in with a styler. On freshly washed hair, apply a dime sized amount of your leave in conditioner to each section, before layering it with a gel or styling cream.

On dry hair, you might just need a quick boost of moisture throughout the week, so for this, you will want to mist the hair with water first and then go in with your leave in conditioner to add some of the moisture back into the hair before you are ready to wash and restyle.

So you might ask yourself, what is the point of leave in conditioner if I’m already using a deep conditioner or rinse out conditioner? Well the answer lies in the fact that most of the moisture that gets left on the hair strands tend to evaporate off the hair in about 2-3 days.

Leave in conditioner will help the hair a little less dry and brittle when compared to not using one at all. Your hair will still eventually lose it’s moisture over the next few days to come, but it will be a lot softer, more manageable and less frizzy as a result of using a leave in.



What Is The Difference Between Conditioner and Leave-In Conditioner

The most distinctive difference between a conditioner and a leave in, is the fact that a normal conditioner requires that you rinse it out after the recommended time and a leave in conditioner does not.

A conditioner’s job is to add hydration back into the hair after it has been gently cleansed by a shampoo. It helps to strengthen, moisturize and add elasticity to the hair when needed.

Conditioner also helps to add slip to the hair, making it much easier to detangle with. When used in conjunction with running water, conditioning with a detangling brush can help to smooth the cuticle layer back down on the hair strand as well.

Leave in conditioners are not meant to be rinsed out (hence the name) and instead, help to add another layer of moisture to the hair before you go sealing it with a gel, styling cream, mousse or foam.

A leave in conditioner also helps to protect the hair from damage caused by hot styling tools, keeps the cuticle of the hair shaft flat and smooth to help give it some shine and helps to keep hair frizz free once dry.


Is It Better To Put Leave-In Conditioner On Dry Or Wet Hair?

It is better to put leave in conditioner on wet or damp hair. This is because when the hair is already wet, it has a greater chance of absorbing the product.

When applied to wet or damp hair, you have better manageability when it comes to detangling the hair. Hair that is dry may be harder to detangle.

You won’t want to run the risk of using a detangling brush or comb on your hair when working with dry hair because you will increase the chances of it actually breaking off.

If you ever want to rehydrate hair that is already dry, always mist with water first to make the hair more pliable and manageable.

Can I Use Leave In Conditioner Everyday?

While it is not recommended to use too much of  anything on your hair (let alone daily), the right leave in conditioner can be applied to your hair daily. Focusing the product on the ends of your hair will help to ensure that your ends stay hydrated and elastic.

You will want to use a leave in conditioner that is packaged in a bottle that sprays as opposed to one that you squeeze out into your hand. This is because a leave in conditioner that sprays out will gently mist the hair as opposed to applying a concentrated amount in one spot directly by hand.

Keep in mind that by applying a leave in conditioner daily, you are increasing the potential of your hair eventually feeling weighed downed and possibly looking a little flat. To counter this as much as possible, use a leave in conditioner that contains more water in its composition.

Our top pick for a spray leave in spray conditioner is the Mielle Organics White Peony Leave In Conditioner! It smells amazing, has a light weight formulation and will have you hair feeling ever so soft!


How Often Should You Use Leave-In Conditioner For Dry Hair?

If your hair is particularly dry more often than not, start making it a routine to apply your leave in conditioner right after you have rinsed out your shampoo and conditioner once per week. This will help your hair retain moisture before it has the chance to evaporate right out.

Once you seal in your leave in conditioner with a styling cream or gel, you should get around 2-3 days of the hair feeling moisturized before it is time to rehydrate.

Spritz your hair with your favorite light weight conditioner to revitalize your hair and do this as often as needed there after. If you wash your hair once per week, then using your leave in conditioner once or twice should be enough.

If you are going longer stretches without washing your hair, then aim to reapply every 2-3 days or as needed.

This Post Was All About Leave In Conditioner On Dry Hair.


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