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Hello there my fellow naturalistas! It’s finally SPRING and I couldn’t be more excited. The sun is shining, it’s a tad warmer and there’s just something about the spring season that feels so inviting to good vibes! With the change in season, comes changes in our natural hair styles and products i.e. gels as well. I know there are many people that do wash and go’s all year round and I use to be one of those people, until I noticed a significant amount of fairy knots. After realizing I was over doing it with the wash and go’s for my hair type, I decided to reserve that style for just the spring and summer months. I feel like in the warmer weather, wash and go’s are a lot easy to maintain and refresh because you can spritz and go with slightly wet hair and not risk cold air permitting it from drying.

If you’re new to the natural hair game or just haven’t mastered the wash and go technique, I’m here to help guide you. Wash and go’s are still a trial and error type of deal (as with any other natural hair style), so you will still have to do some of the fun yet, sometimes frustrating “grunt work” of trying out various products until you find what works for your hair. In the meantime, use this information as a guide to save you from the endless and grueling search for the best styling gels for natural hair!

Pro Tip: How to use styling gel on natural hair

I used to be so strict with layering my products a certain way on my hair and then I realized that it was just becoming too much! I was following the LOC method even for wash and go’s and I started to notice that my hair was so weighed down, to the point that it just was no longer cute! I was giving crunchy ramen noodle vibes with no type of volume but a whole lot of definition, so my hair was just looking flat and crispy since I was also setting my stiff wash and go under my dryer! Let me tell you… NOT A GOOD COMBO LOL. So, I decided to opt out of using the OIL step in the LOC method and instead, just use a leave in and a gel on top! As expected, my hair was not as weighed down and as a result I had lot of movement to my curls! My pro tip is to choose a great moisturizing leave in conditioner and then follow that up with a gel of choice and voila! … you have the foundation for a perfect wash and go.

Let’s get into some the BEST styling gels for Natural Hair!



This post is all about the best styling gels for natural hair.


  • Curls Dynasty Vanilla Cream Custard

    Even though its not specifically a “gel” per say, I loveeeeee a good custard! This has a light to medium hold and is the perfect choice for a fluffy, voluminous and moisturized wash and go! It smells like a dream and retails for $13.99.

     best styling gels for natural hair

best styling gels for natural hair

  • Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker

    This botanical gel is jam packed with all type of moisturizing ingredients and it is the perfect coil definer! I’ve used this for years and it never disappoints. The Curl Maker Gel has a bakery scent and retails for $21.99.

best styling gels for natural hair

best styling gels for natural hair

  • Curls & Potions Defining and Styling Gel

     A flaxseed based botanical gel that is one to remember! Get this, it is humidity resistant, leaves little to no crunch but defines like nobody’s business! I absolutely adore the smell and the best part is that it’s a flaxseed based gel, so no need to DIY when you can get it already made to perfection! This gel retails for $17.99.

best styling gels for natural hair

best styling gels for natural hair

  • Alikay Naturals Crème Brule Curling Delight

    You know Alikay comes with it in the moisture and definition department. This product is more like a custard but it provides a ton of definition, shine and volume! The smell is a refreshing fruit scent and this product retails for $17.99.

best styling gels for natural hair

best styling gels for natural hair

  • Kinky Curly Custard

    You just can’t mention hair gels without mentioning the OG! Kinky Curly Custard is the epitome of a curl defining custard that packs a punch! My hair is the shiniest after using this product. It has so many wonderful botanical extracts and an insane about of slip. Your hair will really show out with this product and it retails for $18.99.

best styling gels for natural hair

best styling gels for natural hair

  • Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic

    What isn’t good about this gel? It’s literally magic in a bottle! I love the consistency of this gel, it’s a little slimy but has a ton of slip! This is another product that always has my hair shining in High Definition! The smell is refreshing, its packed with botanical ingredients that support healthy hair and I would say this gives medium to strong hold depending on how much you apply! This product retails for $15.99.

best styling gels for natural hair

best styling gels for natural hair

  • The Mane Choice Styling Gel, Braid and Twist Glazes

    Yes, I had to include The Mane Choice and I could not narrow it down to just one. These glazes work as moisturizing butter gels and they deliver in the definition, elongation and longevity department. I’ve tried the Ancient Egyptian Glaze and the Tropical Moringa and let me tell you…. they never disappoint. The products range from $11.99 – $14.99.

best styling gels for natural hair

best styling gels for natural hair

I hope this helps you navigate your wash and go and provides some encouragement, so that you can execute this hairstyle no matter how coiled your kinks are! Have fun with it and remember that results vary for everyone so don’t be too focused on how it should look, but instead rather, focus on how your hair feels and responds to the products you’ve chosen to pair together. Once you get that part of the equation solved, the fine tuning and execution aspect of the wash and go becomes easier!

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This post was all about the best styling gels for natural hair.

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