What Is Dry Shampoo: Is It Safe & How To Use!

what is dry shampoo

Have you ever thought about what is dry shampoo, how to use it and if it would be a good fit for your hair routine in a pinch? Continue reading this post to learn more about it and how to choose the safest ones for yourself!

This post is all about what is dry shampoo.

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What Is Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoo is a product that comes in spray or powder form, that is meant to absorb excess oil, odors and sweat from the scalp… without the use of water. Dry shampoo’s help to decrease the look of flat, greasy hair when used correctly.

Dry shampoo is ideal for people with active lifestyles causing them to sweat more often, people that live in extremely hot and humid climates and/or people who are on the go in their busy lives that might not have enough time to dedicate to a full on wash day routine.

You might also notice that people who are sick or with disabilities might find using dry shampoos very helpful as there is no need for water and rinsing at all. Dry shampoos are typically made up of starch, so when this is applied to the hair and scalp, it absorbs the excess oils, greases, odor and sweat.


What’s The Purpose Of Dry Shampoo?

The sole purpose of a dry shampoo is to avoid having to use water while cleansing your hair for a temporary amount of time. Dry shampoo can extend the life of a hairstyle that you are trying to hold off on washing, such as a blow out or silk press.

If you want to quickly refresh your hair and extend the time in between your shampoo sessions once in a while, then dry shampoo’s might be right for you. They just offer the convenience and ease of refreshing your hair while continuing on with your busy life until you are ready for wash day.

While it is not recommended to use dry shampoo on a consistent basis, every now and then is completely fine. Just remember that it is always best to thoroughly cleanse your hair under running water and a traditional shampoo of choice when it’s time to really wash your hair.



Is Dry Shampoo Good For Your Hair?

Not necessarily. Dry shampoos are great to be used as a quick fix when you’re in a bind and your hair hasn’t been washed in a while and/or you just need some extra time in between. However, whether or not it is good for your hair is really dependent on how often you are using it, how well you are shampooing it out when ready for wash day and the overall  health of your hair.

Dry shampoos are usually made up of a starch that absorbs the oil and greases from you hair and scalp, however the actual dry shampoo itself doesn’t just disappear from the hair. If not carefully and thoroughly washed out with a clarifying shampoo, you will run into the risk of product building up.

Product buildup leads to clogged pores in the scalp, which can lead to a stunt in hair growth, thinning hair and an itchy, flaky scalp overtime. Also, because dry shampoo can be sort of drying, you will have to monitor how often you use it because  if your hair is dry too frequently you might run the risk of it actually breaking.


How Do You Wash Dry Shampoo Out Of Your Hair?

Washing dry shampoo out of your hair is very important, as you’ll want to be sure that you aren’t leaving any product behind that will cause buildup. Here are five steps to get the best results when trying to wash dry shampoo out of your hair:

  1. Section hair into 4 or more parts.
  2. Use detangling comb or brush to help remove any excess dry shampoo and help to lightly detangle.
  3. Run your hair under warm running water to help break up the product on your hair and scalp.
  4. Apply your shampoo of choice to each section and go section by section shampooing and then thoroughly rinsing.
  5. Rinse thoroughly, apply more shampoo to each section as necessary and repeat rinsing.


dry shampoo



How Often Should You Use Dry Shampoo?

It is important to try not to rely on consistent use of dry shampoo, as using a standard shampoo is the best method for cleansing hair. However, life happens and takes a hold of our busy schedules and then suddenly…we have gone 2-3 weeks without washing our hair!

Dry shampoos are great in these situations, but they can also be helpful if you live an active lifestyle and you sweat a lot. Or maybe you just got a fresh blow or silk press and you’re just not ready to part ways with the style and want to extend it an extra couple days. This is when dry shampoos can come in handy.

Try not to use it every single day and you should be okay. Be sure that if you are going to use it, that you get a quality clarifying shampoo to remove all residual product that may get left on the hair.

Also, pay very close attention to the health of your scalp. If you are noticing that using a dry shampoo is causing severe itchy, dandruff and or flaky scalp, you might want to err on the side of caution and use it very sparingly or not use it altogether.

Remember, we don’t want to sacrifice the health of our hair and scalp just for convenience.


Are Dry Shampoos Safe?

Yes, they are are generally considered to be safe as long as you are aware of the ingredients listed in them. Avoid the ones that contain Benzene and you will be just fine.

Dry shampoos are are typically made up of starches, powders and sometimes clays. They can also be in aerosol form and so you will want to be aware of any inhalation risks with long term use depending on the core ingredients within the product you are using.

If you are someone who typically suffers from scalp sensitivity, dry shampoos may cause more issues for you. Again, always pay close attention to your scalp to notice if any changes are happening as a result of using dry shampoos.

Product build up can also become a result of using a dry shampoo too frequently. Product build up can cause scalp irritation, block hair growth due to clogged pores in the scalp, flat and greasy looking hair, or hair that becomes weakened over time and eventually breaks off.

When used infrequently, dry shampoos are generally safe but as soon as you start relying on them a little too heavily, you will notice changes in your hair and scalp overtime.


What Is The Controversy About Dry Shampoo?

There were  some popular brands of dry shampoo that were voluntarily recalled if they were manufactured before 2021, due to them containing a harmful ingredient called Benzene.

Many of the dry shampoos were discontinued after the recall and are no longer on our shelves. However, it is important to always check the ingredients list for any products that you decide to use on your body.

For more information on this topic, check out this article here.


In the meantime, here are some dry shampoo options that are safe and benzene free!


1. Briogeo Scalp Revival Dry Shampoo

  • Cleanses and refreshens
  • Infused with Binchotan charcoal which draws out oils and detoxifies
  • Micro exfoliation properties and contains witch hazel to prevent oily scalp
what is dry shampoo
Briogeo Scalp Revival Dry Shampoo Powder

what is dry shampoo

2.  Living Proof Perfect Hair Dry Shampoo

  • Provides protection from environmental pollutants
  • Helps to keep PH balanced on scalp
  • Adds softness and shine
what is dry shampoo
Living Proof Dry Shampoo

what is dry shampoo

3. Eva NYC Freshen Up Invisible Dry

  • Leaves no white residue
  • Revives hair
  • Contains Argan oil to help add shibe
what is dry shampoo
Eva NYC Freshen Up Invisible Dry Shampoo

what is dry shampoo

How Long Does Dry Shampoo Take To Work?

Ideally, dry shampoo should work within a few seconds. Once applied to your hair and scalp, you should instantly see a reduction in the look and feel of oil and greasiness. You will also notice that your hair regains its volume again.

When applying your dry shampoo, it will first appear white in color on your hair. Don’t be alarmed though, this is normal. The white color will fade away as the product gets absorbed into your hair.

Once the product is applied, you will want to gently massage it into the hair with your fingertips. This will help the product to absorb more of the oil faster.

Wait a few seconds and then gently brush or comb through to distribute the product evenly throughout your hair. Once it is all in and the white color has faded, you can then go in and style as desired.



How Soon Should You Wash Out Dry Shampoo?

After applying, you will want to pay attention to when your hair starts to look and feel oily again. Once it starts to get oily, greasy, weighed down and flat, consider it time to really wash it with a traditional clarifying shampoo.

As a rule of thumb, you might want to wash your hair  around 3-5 days after using a dry shampoo. Try to avoid reapplying dry shampoo on more than one occasion before actually washing your hair to avoid product buildup.



Final Thoughts On Dry Shampoo:

Using a quality, benzene free dry shampoo can really help you prolong the life of your hairstyles in between washes. If you are busy and always on the go, or going through something preventing you from being able to wash your hair  with a traditional shampoo as often as you would like, it might be a great time to start giving dry shampoos a try!


This post was all about what is dry shampoo.



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