How Often Should You Use Clarifying Shampoo?

how often should you use clarifying shampoo

Ever ask yourself how often should you use clarifying shampoo? Did you use it and find it to be excessively drying and squeaky clean? Continue reading this blog post to get a better understanding  of clarifying shampoo, why we need them and how to choose the right one for our hair type and scalp concerns.


How Often Should You Use Clarifying Shampoo?

You should be using a clarifying shampoo at least once or twice per month. However, using a clarifying shampoo does depend on your hair type, the products you use and how frequently you are styling your hair with heavy products.

A clarifying shampoo is a cleanser that has ingredients targeted to get the hair squeaky clean, by removing all product buildup, oils and particles on the hair. When using a clarifying shampoo, you will want to keep in mind that because your hair will feel stripped after use, you will need to replace the moisture by using a quality deep conditioner thereafter.

If you are someone that suffers from dry scalp, you will want to clarify your hair at least once per month, to keep the hair clean but to help avoid continuously stripping your scalp of its natural oils as well.

If you have an oily scalp and your hair looks flat no matter what style you do, you will want to use a clarifying shampoo no more than once per week to keep the oil buildup at bay. You will instantly notice a boost in volume after incorporating this step into your weekly hair routine.

For those of you that lead active swimmers and are in chlorinated water, it is best to use a clarifying shampoo after each encounter with chlorine. The chlorine and salt content in the water can lead to excessive breakage over time and weaken the hair strands if left on for long periods of time without proper shampooing.

People who have fine hair or color treated hair, should clarify their hair no more than once per month to preserve the moisture balance and to prevent their hair color from fading too  fast.

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This post is all about how often should you use clarifying shampoo.

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What Is The Difference Between Clarifying And Regular Shampoo?

The difference between a clarifying shampoo and a regular shampoo is that a clarifying shampoo provides a deeper and more thorough type of cleanse, while a shampoo will cleanse your hair but not strip away all of its moisture entirely.

Clarifying shampoos are extremely effective at removing product buildup and excess oils that may come from butters, greases and your own scalp. They are also a great product to use if you using products containing silicones. Silicones act as a barrier around the hair strands, preventing any moisture from escaping or getting.

By using a clarifying shampoo on hair that is styled with products that contain silicones, you have a much better chance of breaking through that protective barrier and cleansing your hair. If you were to try this with a regular shampoo, you might experience product buildup over time because your traditional shampoo just wont be able to cut through that silicone barrier as well.


Is It Ok To Use Clarifying Shampoo Everyday?

Using a clarifying shampoo everyday is not recommended due to the more vigorous cleansing capabilities of this type of shampoo. Excessive use of a clarifying shampoo can lead to over production of oils in the scalp, increased dryness on the hair strands and hair that eventually breaks off from the lack of moisture.

Clarifying shampoos were made to strip the hair of any impurities, remove stubborn products on the hair and oils. When used too frequently, hair and scalp that are constantly in a stripped state can also lead to an imbalance in oil production from thee scalp.

Also, using a clarifying shampoo can lead to scalp irritation and if you are someone that already experiences itchy, dry and flaking scalp, you will want to have a set schedule for a clarifying shampoo as to not over do it during the week.


Do You Shampoo Again After Using Clarifying Shampoo?

No, it is not necessary to shampoo again after using clarifying shampoo. Your clarifying shampoo will remove all the impurities from your hair, so following that us with a regular shampoo will be counterproductive.

As far as using a clarifier, you may have to go in with a second or third wash just to make sure the hair is squeaky clean and that you are starting with freshly washed hair before moving onto the next step (deep conditioning), but you should be using the same product you started with, not a clarifying shampoo and a regular shampoo to follow up.

What you will want to do right after though is rinse your hair thoroughly under warm running water to ensure that all shampoo is rinsed away. Clarifying shampoos can be really sudsy, so be sure to have it rinsed out all the way before moving onto the next step.


clarifying shampoo

How Do You Know When Your Hair Needs Clarifying?

You will know that it is time to clarify your hair when you realize that your hair looks flat, feels weighed down, loses curl definition and your hair products just don’t seem to work like they used to.

All of these factors are the result of product and oil build up, so using a clarifying shampoo will make a world of a difference when it comes to resetting your hair.

Not only will you notice your hair is able to fully absorb moisture, but you will also notice that your hair responds to products way better than before because you will be working on a clean slate.

If you notice that your curls have no spring factor and look limp and your hair leaves behind a residue when touched, is dry and flaking off with old product… this may be an indication that your hair needs to be thoroughly cleansed to allow the moisture and new application of products to be absorbed into the hair.


What Are The Disadvantages Of  Clarifying Shampoo?

Clarifying shampoos are a great addition to any hair care regimen, but too much of anything can be a bad thing. Clarifying shampoos are meant to strip the hair and rid it of any product buildup, oils, waxes and debris. By using a clarifying shampoo too frequently, you run the risk of the hair becoming dryer than normal over time.

A good rule of thumb when using a clarifying shampoo is to only use it once per week, every other week or once per month. Anything more than that can be overkill. Pay attention to you hair and scalp. If you feel like your hair is just beginning to become too stripped, scale back how often you use a clarifying shampoo and tailor it to your hair needs.

If you are going to thoroughly cleanse your hair and are wondering what to do after using a clarifying shampoo, always ditch your rinse out conditioner and reach for your deep conditioning hair mask or treatment instead. You want to focus on replenishing the hair with its moisture, so be sure to infuse your treatment in with indirect heat from your hooded blow dryer or heated cap.


When Should You Not Use Clarifying Shampoo?

While it is good to incorporate a clarifying shampoo into your monthly regimen, there are some instances where you might have to think twice.

If your hair already dry and damaged, a clarifying shampoo but not be the best option on frequent occasions. These type of shampoos tend to strip the hair of its natural oils and if your hair is already dry, you might further complicate things.

If you are someone that comes into contact with chlorine water from a pool, you will want to clarify but not daily. The chlorine from pools dry out the hair, so to go in with a strong cleanser every time when back to back, may be the wrong move. Use a pool hair cap to protect your hair especially if going swimming is a routine thing.


What Does Clarifying Shampoo Do To Colored Hair?

If your hair is colored treated, using a clarifying shampoo can strip and fade the color off of you hair in a matter of time. When your hair is colored using bleach, your hair is more porous from the damage.

Using a clarifying shampoo can further dry the hair and cause it to snap off quickly, since it already had weak integrity from the coloring process. If you need to thoroughly cleanse your hair, opt for one that caters to natural hair and says “color protect” on the label.

You will also want to follow p with a conditioning treatment or hair mask in order to restore the moisture and help to fill in the microscopic gaps in the hair strand that often occur from color treatments.

Final Thoughts On How Often Should You Use Clarifying Shampoo:

Using a clarifying shampoo can be a great tool to use to revitalize your hair and reset your curls. Be sure not to use one daily and instead use either weekly, every other week or once per month for best results. Once you have figured out the frequency that works with your hair best, you will start to see it begin to thrive!


This post was all about how often should you use clarifying shampoo.


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