Hot Oil Treatment For Locs: For Shinier & Healthier Hair!

hot oil treatment for locs

Ever wonder how using a hot oil treatment for locs can help to revamp your woven tresses? Continue reading to find out more now!



What Is A Hot Oil Treatment?

A hot oil treatment is a beneficial practice of apply warmed oil to the hair and scalp. It has been used in hair care routines and regimens for centuries to help nourish, moisturize and strengthen the hair from the inside out. Hot oil treatments are a great approach to use in conditioning the hairs internal structure to promote healthy hair and length retention.

By warming an oil before applying it to the hair and or scalp, it helps to open the hair strands external layer a lot faster, especially if you have low porosity hair. Hot oil treatments are a great way to replenish the moisture that gets lost from the day to day exposure to outside elements.

A hot oil treatment can consist of a number of different oils along with essential oils, herbs and botanicals for added strengthening power. When used routinely, you will notice your hair feels more moisturized, looks shinier, retains length and breaks less easily .


Are Hot Oil Treatments Good For Locs?

Hot oil treatments are extremely beneficial for locs in that they can help to combat significant dryness and help to retain a healthy amount of length over time. However, because locs are essentially hair that is intertwined, the approach to using a hot oil treatment will be slightly different when compared to hair that is loose and free to comb.

When done the correct way, hot oil treatments for locs can be very beneficial in helping to maintain the appearance, health and integrity of the hair strands.

When doing a hot oil treatment for locs, you will have to pay special attention and give the hair a little extra TLC as opposed to hair that is loose. This is because it requires a slightly different technique and approach.

You will want to make sure that your heavier oils and/or essential oil are diluted within a carrier oil such as grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, etc. This will help to ensure that the oil can be easily removed from the hair without causing product buildup and allow for easier penetration into the hair strands.

If you are using essential oils, please keep in mind that they should always be diluted within a carrier oil to avoid irritation and or damage to the hair, scalp and skin. If you can, stick with oils that are light weight. You do not want to use extremely thick oils such as castor oil that will take some time to remove and weigh your hair down.



oil for locs


Here is a list of some of the benefits for using hot oil treatments on locs below:

  • Manageability and Softness– your locs will feel so soft to the touch, be way less prone to breakage and become easier to style due to its softness.
  • Hydration and Moisture- locs can often start to feel dry and become brittle to the touch, but a hot oil treatment will help to infuse the moisture into the hair strands, moisturizing it from the inside out. This in turn helps to reduce the onset of consistent dryness and breakage.
  • Strengthens- being that using hot oil treatments moisturize the hair strands at the innermost layer, the vitamins and fatty acids become infused into the hair overtime, making it feel stronger.
  • Reduces Frizz- one of the best things about using a hot oil treatment is that it smooths the cuticle layer of the hair strands down, creating a shinier appearance on the hair and reducing friction and breakage caused by other hair strands.
  • Reduces Split Ends- focusing your hot oil treatment not only on the scalp but the entire length of your hair can help to combat and reduce the onset of split ends.
  • Protection- certain oils can actually help to fight against UV rays and other harmful external factors within the environment.
  • Scalp Health- if you are someone who suffers from a dry and itchy scalp, hot oil treatments will be your first line of defense. Many oils have antifungal and ant- inflammatory properties which help to keep your scalp PH balanced. Also, by warming the oil and massaging it into your scalp, it increases blood circulation and flow which can in turn promote healthy hair growth.
  • Detoxification- believe it or not, but hot oil treatments can actually help to remove excess product buildup and debris that accumulates on the hair. When washed out, you will find that your hair will feel a lot lighter and seem cleaner.


How  To Do A Hot Oil Treatment For Locs

  1. Combine your carrier oils of choice, essential oils, herbs and botanical extracts in a hot oil applicator bottle.
  2. Grab a microwave safe bowl and fill it with water.
  3. Place the microwave safe container in the microwave to heat it up or pour hot water from a kettle into the container instead.
  4. Carefully place the hot oil applicator bottle in the microwave safe bowl and let it warm the oil for about 15minutes.
  5. Carefully remove the applicator bottle and test the warmth of the oil by doing a patch test on your forearm, make sure the oil is not too hot so that it doesn’t burn you.
  6. Apply liberally to your locs focusing on the ends of your hair.
  7. Cover with a plastic cap or shower cap and wait 20 minutes.
  8. Rinse the hair out under warm running water and proceed with shampoo and conditioner regimen.



Here is a video tutorial on hot oil treatment for locs by @iamlindaelaine


Should A Hot Oil Treatment Be Put On Wet Or Dry Locs?

You can apply a  hot oil treatment to both wet and dry locs depending on your preference. On dry hair, the oils can penetrate deeply and provide a deep conditioning quality to your experience. Dry locs are able to absorb the oil almost immediately when in this state, making your treatment more effective.

On wet locs, a hot oil treatment will help to lock and seal in the moisture, so if you are looking for a boost in hydration, try spritzing your hair with a little warm water before going in with your oil.


How Often Should You Put Oil In Dreadlocks?

While it is a good idea to incorporate hot oil treatments in your hair regimen, you will want to do this routine only once or twice per month when it comes to locs. If used too often, you run the risk of product buildup, a greasy feel to the hair and sometimes even potentially unraveling of the locs on their own.

By avoiding oils that are too heavy, you reduce the risk of product buildup which can be a little more challenging to remove compared to loose hair. Always use a good shampoo that can clarify but leave the hair feeling moisturized and strong such as Mango & Lime Tingle Shampoo and Conditioner.


What Is The Best Oil For Hot Oil Treatment On Locs?

With so many great oils that work well for natural hair, grapeseed oil is a crowd favorite to use for hot oil treatments on locs. Grapeseed oil is light weight and  is jam packed with vitamins and minerals that help to nourish and heal the hair.

Not only does grapeseed oil contain vitamins C, D, it tends to have way more vitamin E when compared to other oils such as olive oil.  Grapeseed oil has antioxidant, antifungal and ant inflammatory properties that can help maintain a healthy scalp as well.

Many people with locs adore this oil due to its ability to lubricate and penetrate the hair strand, without the potential risk of product buildup happening quickly overtime. When using a hot oil treatment, you can be sure to see your locs come to life with a nice shine and softer touch almost immediately.


Final Thoughts On Hot Oil Treatment For Locs

Hot oil treatments for locs can be a great addition to you hair routine. What ever oil you choose to use as your treatment, your hair will feel soft, become more manageable and have a healthy shine to it after prolonged use if you are suffering from dry, dull hair.



This post was all about hot oil treatment for locs.

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