Two Strand Twists: The Best Protective Style You’ll Ever Need

2 strand twist

Are you looking for an easy, yet gorgeous protective style that can hold up in pretty much any season? Two strand twists may be your answer! Not only are they easy to do, but they can be styled a multitude of ways. Find out how you can achieve perfect two strand twists that look phenomenal, while doubling as a protective style for hair growth!

With so many protective styles at our disposal in the natural hair community, the two strand twist has a special place in our hearts. Also referred to as mini twists or just twists, two strand twists can be a great way to keep your hair hydrated and healthy in a low manipulated hairstyle. This hairstyle in particular can be worn with ones own hair or with the addition of extensions. Your twist can be adorned in cute hair accessories and styled a multitude of ways as well.

The versatility and simplicity of this hair style is truly endless! Honestly anyone can rock two strand twists of course, but they tend to hold up better on their own without reinforcements on the ends, with textured hair. If your hair is too much on the straight side of the hair spectrum, you will have to expect your hair unraveling.


This post is all about two strand twists.




Are Two Strand Twists Good For Natural Hair?

Doing twists can help to put your mind at ease once the style is installed. It is a really good protective style for natural hair due to the fact that you are literally taking two strands of hair and wrapping them around one another. Depending on whether you are doing your two strand twists big, small or mini, as well as the length of your hair will determine how long the style will take to complete.

Keep in mind that with any protective style you never really want to go past the 3-4 week mark with washing your hair. So although twists are a style that you can “set it and forget it”, you never want to leave them in for too long or you may run the risk of developing tangles or even dread locs.

Be sure to examine your hair each week and make sure that your hair isn’t locking together if that’s not something that you want. If you want to have a 2 in 1 style, consider rocking a twist out for a brand new look once you get tired of the twists!

For twist out inspiration from some of our beautiful friends on Instagram, click this link here!



Does Two Strand Twists Make Your Hair Grow?

It is safe to say that the actual hair style itself will NOT make your hair grow, after all, they are just two strand twists. But, by twisting your hair and leaving it be, you are encouraging less manipulation, tangles and breakage. This in turn will result in length retention, which makes it appear as though your hair is growing super fast, when in reality, you hair is just growing at a rate faster than it is breaking off without your hands in your hair everyday or week.

I would also encourage you to coat your hair in a light oil every couple of days, just to keep the frizz and friction on the ends down to a minimum. If you do absolutely nothing to your twists once they are installed, you may run the risk of some tangles at the ends when it comes time to take them down. This is not always the case, but keeping the twists lubricated definitely helps with a stress-free and tangle free takedown.


Is It Better To Do Two Strand Twists Wet Or Dry?

The choice on whether or not it is best to do two strand twists on wet or dry hair, is completely up to you. It really depends on the look you are going for. If you want your hair to be super hydrated with very minimal upkeep, go for installing the twists on wet hair. Not only is wet set styling great for moisture retention, but you’ll also have super definition to your hair once you take down your twists. Setting your two strand twists on wet hair will also ensure to lock in the moisture for a longer period of time, but be prepared for shrinkage.

If you decide to install your two strand twists on dry hair, you will probably need to keep them moisturized a little more often because they may dry out quicker. The great thing about dry two strand twists is that you get to maintain your length for a more elongated look. There will also be a lot less tangles due to the hair being stretched and you should have a very easy wash day when it comes time.


Which Is Better 2 Strand Twists Or 3 Strand Twists?

If you’re wondering if you should try setting your hair in either 2 strand twists or 3, it really comes down to preference. Typically the 3 strand twists is great for ensuring definition when taking down the style. If your hair does not really stay in the twists easily, you might want to try the three strand twists or you can choose to just secure the ends of your two strand twist with a hair accessory.


How Long Do 2 Strand Twists Stay In For?

It is not recommended to go past the 3 or 4 week mark, but you can always unravel and retwist as well if you see that some of the twists are coming undone over time.

Be sure to use a spray bottle with water and your favorite leave-in conditioner on your hair, to keep your hair moisturized throughout the week once you notice that it is starting to dry out.


How To Do Two Strand Twists:

The great news is that two strand twists are super simple to do! All you have to do it split the hair you will be twisting into 2 sections, grab your favorite hair butter or twist cream and wrap or twist each section around the other all the way until you have about half an inch of hair left at the ends. Finger coil the ends with either with your finger or the tail end of your rat tail comb and Voila! You are done! For more information, here is a video to illustrate below:


Video Credit: @jewejewebee


Some of the best twist cream options are:

two strand twist cream




two strand twist cream




two strand twist cream

How To Maintain Twists

The best way to maintain your twists is to wrap your hair in a satin headwrap or a satin bonnet. This will keep the twists neat and significantly reduce frizziness and loss of moisture. You can also keep your twists stretched by using silk or satin scrunchies down the length of your twists and then wrapping your hair in your head wrap before bed.


Final Thoughts On Two Strand Twists

Although two strand twists may initially take some time to install, this easy hairstyle can quickly become a staple in your hair routine. Whether you two strand twist short hair, two strand twist dreads or two strand twist with extensions, you’ll be happy to know that not only will you be left with a chic style that can last for weeks at a time, but you will also be giving your hair a much needed break from excessive manipulation. This will result in length retention and the ability to reach your hair goals faster!

Give two strand twists a try and let me know what your go to protective style is in the comments below!

This post was all about two strand twists.

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