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Welcome to Hairs the Scoop! Whether the crown you wear consists of coils, kinks, curls and/or waves, if your hair has texture…. YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Hair’s The Scoop is where thoughts, ideas and opinions will be shared to make the experience of managing your natural hair texture a beautiful one. I encourage you to use this site as a reference point to navigate through your natural hair journey (and it is a JOURNEY). You can expect to see the latest on product reviews, styling tips, hair care tutorials and hear from others who are also in this struggle! Above all else just remember, you have to be patient with your crown, be open to new information and most importantly TRUST YOUR OWN INSTINCTS. Natural hair can seem intimidating to maintain and manage, but once you find what works for YOU, it is smooth sailing from there! I vow to help you through this <3 .

Comment below any questions or comments about your natural hair or just drop a ❤️ to let me know you’re in here!

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