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Want to learn all about how to use a hair wax stick as your edge control gel for on the go use? Continue on to reading this post to see how a hair wax stick can be the perfect solution for your natural hair, wigs and extensions!


(updated 4/26/24)

What Is A Hair Wax Stick Used For?

A hair wax stick is used to slick down any hairs that may be unruly, directly from the tube. Instead of applying an edge control gel that usually comes packaged in the traditional jar that would need to be scooped in between the finger tips and applied to the hair for application, a wax stick for hair is way more convenient to use.

A wax stick for hair can also be used to help add the finishing “holding power” to a sleek bun or ponytail hairstyle, for hair that just won’t cooperate. It can help to add shine, make the hair appear thicker in some cases and hold the hair in place once smoothed in.

A wax stick for natural hair is super convenient to use when traveling, coming from the gym or running other errands for example. This is because you can just slick it on right from the tube to pop the hair back into place and keep it moving!

Believe it or not, using a wax stick for wigs is not uncommon as well. Wax sticks for weaves and wigs work exceptionally well at taming those sparse hairs that may sometimes protrude up from the lace or the track. It also helps to bring mega shine to the hair as a finishing touch once the hair from the wig or weave is blow dried and flat ironed too!


Is Hair Wax Good For Hair?

Although a hair wax stick for natural hair is good and convenient to use, like anything we use in our hair, you have to make sure that you are thoroughly clarifying weekly to avoid any potential signs of product buildup.

Be sure not to apply directly to your scalp when using as well, because this is a pomade like product that can clog the pores making it harder for newly growing hair to push through if not properly cleansed over time.

If you are someone that notices your hair frizzes out early in the week due to an active life style, a hair wax stick might be a great option for to slip in your work bag, gym bag or purse without the hassle of breaking out a full comb and or brush to pop the flyway’s back into place.


Can you use wax stick on edges?

Yes, feel free to use a wax stick on edges but be mindful not pull or tug on the hairs while applying in this area if it is already thinning out. Be mindful of the holding strength of the hair wax stick you are using, as you don’t want your edges to be too stiff or turning white from improper and over application to the hair.


How Often Should I Wash My Hair After Using Wax?

If you are trying to regrow your edges, pay attention to clarifying your hair on a weekly basis as the wax stick can block the hair follicles from pushing through the scalp when used often.



This post is all about how to use a wax stick for hair.

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Does a Hair Wax Stick Damage Hair?

Not all wax sticks for natural hair are created equal, so pay attention to the ingredients list if this is a product you plan to use more often than not. For instance if you think you might need to reach for this product when maintaining a weave or u-part wig, using a hair wax stick for a leave out will definitely have to be thoroughly cleansed out routinely.

If your are using the product on your human hair wig or extensions, be sure to also clarify the hair before re-applying especially if you have plans to flat iron. The last thing you want is to burn the hair under the flat iron because there is left over product on the strands.


Is A Wax Stick Better Than Gel?

This depends on what style, look and level of hold you are trying to achieve. Gel is typically a lot more “wet” in texture and once dried down, will often set the hair into place. This type of hold is really not ideal for flexibility in restyling the hair as gel typically has a stronger cast

A wax stick is a product that typically feels somewhere in between a gel and a pomade, as it typically has a firmer consistency given its waxy structure. This great for a flexible hold and a product that can be applied throughout the week to tame minor flyways and frizz.


Is Wax Applied To Wet Or Dry Hair?

Apply the wax stick to dry hair for the best possible results. Unlike a traditional gel that is usually applied on wet hair for flawless set, a wax stick applies better to dry hair. There is really no “setting” that needs to happen when using a wax stick. Once the product is applied, its’ going to hold the hair in place.


When styling your hair, especially if you’re dealing with frizzy or unruly hair, it’s crucial to choose the right product for your hair type. For curly hair prone to flyaways, consider using a small amount of wax or candelilla wax-based products to tame flyaways and provide maximum hold. Apply the wax in a circular motion, focusing on the areas where you need control, such as baby hairs or the entire length of your hair.

If you prefer a semi-matte finish, opt for products containing sorbitan stearate, which offers a smoother application and pliable hold. For sleek hairstyles like slicked-back ponytails or sleek updos, apply the wax to damp hair for instant texture and sleekness. Avocado oil and argan oil are excellent additions to wax-based products, providing nourishment and shine while keeping hair manageable.

No matter your hair length, from short to long hair lengths, finding the perfect styling solution is essential. For medium hair lengths, consider using a product with extreme firm hold to create your favorite style, whether it’s sleek buns or tousled waves. Remember to use just 2-3 inches of product, as a little goes a long way with wax-based products.

For those with long hair lengths, applying wax throughout the entire head can help maintain the style’s integrity while taming frizz and adding shine. A top tip for achieving the perfect sleek look is to use a tracking number to monitor the shipment of your favorite hair product, ensuring you never run out of your go-to styling solution.

No matter your hair type or preferred style, incorporating wax-based products into your routine can provide the hold and control you need for flawless hairstyles. Whether you’re creating sleek updos or enhancing natural curls, wax offers a pliable hold and long-lasting results for every occasion.


7 Of The Best Wax Stick For Hair

And now, here is a list of wax sticks that are great for natural hair, wigs and extensions!

Avlon KeraCare Styling Wax Stick

Avlon Keracare Styling wax

  • helps to smooth fly-aways and combat any frizzy pieces
  • flexible hold
  • contains Castor Seed Oil



Samnyte Hair wax stick

  • best rated wax stick for wigs
  • contains Avocado Oil, Castor Seed Oil and Vitamin E to help add shine to the hair
  • can also be used on natural hair



Anwoor Hair wax stick

  • non-greasy formula
  • perfect for both natural hair and wigs
  • light hold


Cantu Flaxseed Smoothing Hair Wax

Cantu - Flaxseed Smoothing Hair Wax 2.25 Oz

Cantu flaxseed smoothing hair wax

  • contains Aloe, Shea Butter, Honey and Vitamin E
  • non-sticky
  • flake free



Wax Stick for Hair, Pomade Long-Lasting Wax, Smoothing & Slick Stick for Wigs, Styling Waxes for Fly Away & Edge Frizz Hair (2.7 oz)Goiple hair wax stick

  • applies to both wet and dry hair with ease
  • medium hold
  • lasts 24 hours


She Is Bomb

she is bomb hair wax stick

  • flake free
  • easy glide on application
  • flexible hold


Style Factor Edge Booster Pomade Stick

Style Factor Edge Booster Hair Pomade Stick Strong Hold 2.36 oz (SWEET PEACH)style factor edge booster pomade stick

  • strong hold
  • adds mega shine
  • great for thick hair


Final thoughts on wax sticks for hair:

Whether you use edge control gel in a jar or a wax stick for hair on the go, these pomade like products come in handy when you need to slick down frizzies or put emphasis on hairstyles for a more polished look. Keep in mind that using less is more in order to prevent the product from flaking. Apply an oil to your hair in it’s dry state so that it glides on better and won’t turn white.

Comment below your thoughts on wax sticks and if you have ever used one!


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