Meet Ayo Ogun! The Self Made Entrepreneur That Built The 7-Figure Company, Soultanicals!

Ayo Ogun, Founder/CEO of Soultanicals



Meet Ayo Ogun; the Founder/CEO of the natural hair company Soultanicals! Ayo is a mother of 6 that started out with a genuine curiosity on how to make the hair care process a painless experience for her three daughters. Ayo always had dreams of starting her own business and through much research and many successful hand-made recipes, she was propelled into a brand new purpose.

Ayo embarked on a self-taught journey by studying from books at the neighborhood libraries and book stores. She remarkably studied and mastered everything there was to learn about starting a business and studied all related topics such as marketing, sales, taxes and more. Ayo diligently took notes and within 3 years of research and development, Soultanicals was born!

With various recipes delivered to Ayo from her spiritual ancestors, Soultanicals is a toxin-free, vegan friendly natural hair care line that caters to all natural hair textures. All Soultanicals products are formulated with high-quality, natural ingredients that are found in mother nature.

What started out as a small handmade business formulated in a kitchen in 2012, has now transformed into a 7-figure business with a cult like following. Soultanicals is a viral selling natural hair company that keeps customers wanting more with their exotic blends and tantalizing scents that help to grow, repair and moisturize the hair. And now, Soultanicals is sold in over 5,000 stores worldwide and can be found in major retailers such as Walmart, Target, Sally Beauty, Rite & Aid and more!

I am so thrilled to share Ayo Ogun’s story today and I know you will enjoy every bit of it! So without further a do, let’s dive in!

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