How Founder/CEO Amber Makupson of Meraki infuses gemstones for a high vibrational hair experience!

Amber Makupson-Founder/CEO of Meraki

In today’s episode, I catch up with Amber Makupson! Amber is the CEO/Founder of the natural hair company Meraki! After suffering serious chemical burns by use of an over the counter beauty product, Amber put to use her background as a licensed Aesthetician specializing in botanical treatments to create what we now know as Meraki. Meraki organics is a non toxic, vegan hair brand that doesn’t just stop there!- All of the Meraki hair products are infused with gemstones that help to nourish the skin, hair, body and soul! Amber’s natural hair brand has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Hype Hair Magazine and Elle magazine just to name a few.

About the Brand: (excerpt from Meraki)

Meraki is an Organic, Cruelty free, Non Toxic, Vegan Hair Care brand. Meraki products feature fair Trade Exotic Botanicals, Butters, and Oils from around the world. Their products are handcrafted in small batches, then activated with Gemstones to create high vibrational, high performance, environmentally sustainable Hair Care Essentials.

The products are designed with nutrient rich ingredients that are vital for maintaining the hydration and strength your hair needs to become healthy. Feeding your hair Meraki products will add the vitamins and nourishment it needs to maintain healthy, beautiful, luxurious hair.

With their advanced technology, natural hair expertise and our precise formulation our products are “The Evolution of Hair Care”. The word “Meraki” means to do something with love, soul, and creativity and to put the essence of yourself into your work. “Your soul’s purpose”. While following her dream and passion, Amber hopes that Meraki will inspire others to be fearless and follow their dreams.

About the Founder:

Meraki was founded in 2018 by Amber Makupson, as a labor of self-love, self-empowerment and dedication to wellness.

A native of Ohio, Amber moved and settled in Atlanta, Georgia at a young age, and started to focus on a healthy, holistic lifestyle and make her own natural remedies during her pregnancy when she developed skin sensitivities. 

Her background as a licensed aesthetician specialized in botanical treatments helped when, after suffering a serious chemical burn from an over-the-counter beauty product, Amber was fed up of the toxic ingredients damaging so many other women and decided to create Meraki Organics, a non-toxic vegan haircare brand infused with gemstones to nourish skin, hair, body and soul.

“Meraki for me was created around the idea of self love, finding my passion for life, and being fearless in the pursuit of the things that set your soul on fire. The word “MERAKI” is a Greek word that means to do something with love, soul and creativity – to put the essence of yourself in your work. So essentially my brand combines Beauty+Wellness+Spirituality, to form high vibrational products that nourish your mind, body, hair, and soul.” – Amber Makupson

Here’s some of Amber’s core values:

  • Loving yourself fully starts from the inside.
  • Meraki supports fair trade because they ensure fair wages for a day’s work in marginalized and often rural communities in developing countries all over the world. It affords people the chance to send another child to school, to make vital home repairs in the face of adverse weather conditions, or to build or buy infrastructure and supplies.
  • Switching to plant-based products as much as possible, is ultimately more environmentally sustainable, better for human health and produces superior beauty results.
  • Contribute to the growth and empowerment of women and marginalized communities.
  • The importance of supporting organic farmers all over the world. Organic farming restores the topsoil, preserves human and ecological health and minimizes bee colony disruption. All of this is critical to maintaining our food supply in the best possible way
  • A holistic approach to beauty that will elevate the essence of your pure authentic beauty.

Excerpt above from Meraki Organics

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