How To Do A Twist Out:10 Insanely Great Tips You Need To Know!

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Ever wonder how to do a twist out with confidence and ease? It doesn’t have to be as hard as everyone makes it out to be. Follow these 10 simple tips and with some practice, you will be on your way to the perfect twist out in no time!

In order to do a twist out, you will need to start on freshly washed and conditioned hair, apply a moisturizing curl defining cream or styling foam of choice, two strand twist the hair in a rope like fashion to avoid unraveling of the twists and a hooded dryer to set the twists for the most frizz free results. By incorporating all of these elements, you can rest assured in knowing that your hair will not only be a lot more defined, but your twist out will also last a lot longer too.

Let’s face it, most of us have had our hair fails and/or have experienced that one miracle of a time where our styling efforts finally paid off, but was hard to replicate ever again thereafter. Let me be the first to tell you that a twist out does not have to be complicated and many people fail to realize that the secret to achieving a proper twist out isn’t solely reliant on the curl defining cream or styling foam being used, but in fact the secret lies in how you lay the foundation for the hair style itself.

If you have ever asked yourself “how do you do a proper twist out?”, then continue reading to find out and be sure to check out the twist out style guide below for some great hair inspiration!

This post is all about how to do a twist out.

What is a twist out?

A twist out is simply the act of twisting your hair into two strand twists and unraveling them to produce a gorgeous mane of waves, curls and coils that have taken on the shape of your twists. It is important to carefully and neatly twist your hair section by section, without borrowing pieces from either side of the twist. Try using a firm grip on the hair and make a twist that is “rope like” in order for the hair not to unwind and to get the best definition you could ever imagine. Watch the video below to see how to properly twist your hair for best results.

How long does this hairstyle last?

This beautiful yet versatile style can last anywhere from one to two weeks with the proper care and attention. When you initially twist your hair, always keep in mind that the longer you keep them in, the better they will set and the more longevity you will achieve with the hairstyle once you unravel them. Pay close attention to the moisture levels in your hair as the days go by once you start rocking your fabulous twist out. Try using a refresher spray of your choice by day three (the typical amount of time for hair to start drying out) in order to lightly re-moisturize and revitalize your hair style.

Do you start on wet or dry hair?

Starting on wet or dry hair depends on the look you are going for. Try working on wet/damp hair for more a more defined  and voluminous look. However, if your are going for a more elongated version of the hairstyle but less definition, you will want to work on stretched hair. Try both versions of the style to see which one works better for you.

How long should you leave your twists in?

The beauty in this hairstyle is that you can totally leave the twists in for one to two weeks before ever unraveling them! You can have two styles in one with your twists doubling as a protective style! The best part is that the longer your twists stay in, the more defined your hair will be once you finally decide to take them down. If you just want the twists in long enough to have a great twist out, it is recommended to keep them in at least over night before unraveling.

Preserving your hairstyle overnight

When preparing your hair for a night time routine, try pineappling or banding your hair before putting on a satin scarf. This will help to reduce the amount of tangles as well as gently stretch the curls for more elongation over time.

Retwisting your hair every night is completely unnecessary, but feel free to do so for those frizzier strands that typically come about in the front of your hair. Lightly spritz the hair with water or use a refresher spray to reactivate the products already on the hair and just retwist! Allow the hair to fully dry and take it down in the morning.

So, what do you need to get started?

Contrary to popular belief, you really don’t need much when it comes achieving the perfect twist out. Follow these ten tips below to get started now:

  1. Start on freshly washed hair
  2. Deep condition to provide moisture
  3. Apply a leave-in conditioner of choice
  4. Layer with a curl cream or foam styler of choice
  5. Twist hair section by section
  6. Set hair under a hooded blow dryer for at least 1 hour
  7. Leave twists in overnight and tie down with a satin scarf
  8. Carefully unravel hair the next morning
  9. (optional) Stretch hair using banding method each night before applying sating scarf or bonnet
  10. Fluff out hair with a wide tooth comb or hair pick for extra volume

Final thoughts

This hairstyle is so effortless and stylish that it’s no wonder why it’s the most replicated hair style in the natural hair community. With the 10 key tips listed above, you will be on your way to the perfect twist out in no time. Remember that practice makes perfect and that the products you use are only half the battle! There is no miracle styling cream, butter or styling foam… it’s more about your technique! Just have fun with it and comment below your favorite way to style your twist out!

This post was all about how to do a twist out.

Check out these photos below for hair inspiration and comment below which on is your favorite!


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