How Entrepreneur Mahisha Dellinger Created the Multi-Million Dollar Natural Hair Company Curls, Despite the Odds Stacked Against Her!

Mahisha Dellinger- Founder/CEO of Curls

In todays episode, I catch up with Mahisha Dellinger, the Founder/CEO of the natural hair company CURLS which took the market by storm after launching in 2002.

Mahisha is the true definition of resilience with a story that describes being raised in poverty by her single mother, in a community that was ridden with drugs and gang activity in the Sacramento area of her childhood home. Even with the deck stacked against her, Mahisha was able to push through her struggles by staying focused, putting herself through college and landing an internship at Intel Corporation.

Unsatisfied and unfulfilled in Corporate America, Mahisha side hustled the idea for a high quality, organic, vegan hair care brand that was able to thoroughly nourish textured curls, yet be gentle enough for use by her daughter.

In 2002, Curls launched and her side hustle turned into a full blown business after being carried globally in a host of massive retailers such as Target, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, CVS and more!

Mahisha Dellinger’s story is truly one of grit, determination and gradual continued success! I can not wait to dive in and share her story with you.

A Message From Mahisha Dellinger: (excerpt from

“As a woman of color, I wanted to flaunt my natural hair and celebrate what God has given me. It was very frustrating looking for natural hair products that are both healthy for my hair and good for this world.

I had a vision that women would be able to go to any retailer and find incredibly functional products, with quality ingredients, that celebrate our various curl patterns. So the dream was born! What was a vision became a reality when I launched CURLS Beauty Brands.

Today, women can find CURLS on retail shelves- offering an array of products to fit their various hair care and styling needs.

I hope you enjoy your CURLS products as we continue to innovate quality natural hair care for curlistas everywhere!”

Tune in now!

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