How CEO/Founder of CurlCap Britney Sade is changing how we view hair accessories!

Britney Sade- CEO/Founder of CurlCap


In today’s guest chair, I have Britney Sade!

Britney Shade is the Founder/CEO of CurlCap. CurlCap takes a very innovative approach on the traditional cap and is literally the perfect accessory to your natural hair journey. Britney’s patented design has been frequently recognized on Amazon’s Top 100 hats list and this passionate entrepreneur isn’t stopping there, as she adds author to her title for her interactive children’s book coming soon.

How Britney Got Started- (excerpt from CurlCap)

 It all started with some old dad hats and a pair of stockings because I myself am a lazy naturalista. I started to add more flavor to my hats by cutting up different patterns around the stocking; and from that Curl Cap was born. My first launch was a hit and so I am back with new styles including satin lining (per customer requests). I am so honored to serve my natural hair community with a product that means so much to me. Please follow my shop to be notified on new releases.– (from CurlCap Etsy)

In this episode, Britney opens up about:

  • How she was able to return to and embrace her natural hair
  • How she struggled with and overcame her scalp psoriasis
  • How her company CurlCap continues to be a successful, thriving business

My conversation with Britney was so heartfelt, I can’t wait for you to tune into her story and learn how taking your dreams seriously can yield some seriously good results… lets tune in!


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