9 of The Best Hair Ties For Curly Hair!

 Unsure of which hair tie is best for your natural hair? As a natural hair enthusiast myself, I am going to tell you EXACTLY which hair ties are the best when it comes to your curls. 

Do you have curly hair? If so, whether it’s thick, thin, long or short at some point you are going to look for a hair tie that safely secures your curls up and out of the way!

The problem that arises is that not all hair ties are made the same! Some will snag your hair, grip too tight, leave dents in your curls or just not be sufficient enough to hold all of your hair. Trust me, after working so hard to care for your natural hair, the last thing you want to do is worry about your hair tie being the culprit of hair loss and or hair damage. Finding the best hair tie for curly hair shouldn’t have to be complicated, but there are some key things to note when selecting the right one for your hair.

I have sorted through so many hair ties and have rounded up the favorites so that you can choose with ease the ones that might be right for you. Remember that a good hair tie is important to avoid any damage, especially if you wear your hair pulled back more than twice per week. If not, the damage will be subtle until you finally realize that your hair may be thinning out in certain areas. Here’s my list to ensure you have the right accessories in your hair arsenal!


This post is all about the best hair ties for curly hair. 

1. Swirly Curly

These hair ties are a great option for natural hair no matter what your hair type is! Great for afro’s, puff, buns curls and more! The Swirly Curly hair ties are strong, yet gentle on the hair. They are capable of holding the thickest of hair and provide extra security during a workout or sports. While still being able to be soft and stretchy, these hair ties won’t damage your hair. The company uses a one of a kind snap on-snap off technology, which ensures no tangles, breakage or any other type of damage to your hair.

Snap Hair Ties for Thick, Natural, Curly Hair | No Slip, No Tension Pro Hair Tie | Strong Ponytail Holder (3 Pack, Black)

best hair ties for curly hair

2. Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties

With its innovative spiral telephone cord design, this hair tie evenly distributes the pressure on your strands which not only prevents breakage, but minimizes the ponytail “dent” that can left on the hair after hours of having a traditional hair tie in place. The Kitsch Spiral Hair Tie is also great for water sports or water activities due to its non absorbent and smooth material, reducing the risk of tangles when removing from wet or dry hair.

best hair ties for curly hair

3. Burly Bands

Known as the “strongest and seamless hair tie on the market”, Burly bands are super strong at holding together the thickest of hair! Even though they are large and strong, they provide a flexibility that is very easy to use for natural hair no matter the texture. Great for use while exercising as the Burly band provides a non slip grip on the hair, which prevents the hair from reverting while sweating when secured in a ponytail. Due to the fact that this hair tie is seamless, you wont have to worry about it ever overstretching, breaking or popping off of your ponytail after a long day.

best hair ties for curly hair

4. Kitsch Pro Satin Scrunchies

Claimed to feel “softer than silk”, these satin scrunchies are the best when it comes to preventing breakage and frizz. Due to the use of satin material, you can expect to see no evidence of the “ponytail dent” after use as well. The Kitsch Pro Satin Scrunchie is great for all hair types as well as thick or thin density hair and will provide zero damage or breakage to the hair due to its smooth material.

Kitsch Satin Hair Scrunchies for Women - Softer Than Silk Scrunchies for Hair | Satin Scrunchies for Girls | Satin Hair Ties for Women | Silk Hair Ties No Damage | Silk Ponytail Holders, 5 pcs (Black)

best hair ties for curly hair

5. Bunzee Bands

These unique and innovative hair ties are clutch when it comes to getting it around a thick, voluminous head of hair. The patent pending adjustable sizing feature design allows for the perfect fit every single time. The Bunzee Band provides extra stretch capability, while providing softness and comfort around the thickest of hair. Be confident that no amount of hair is too much for these hair ties to handle!

best hair ties for curly hair

6. Invisabobble Hair Ties

Known in the natural hair market as “the traceless hair ring”, Invisibobble hair ties are a great option for holding hair together without any dents! This hair ties features a scientifically proven result of less damage, no pain and no marks left on the hair when compared to ordinary elastic hair ties. Its smooth feel won’t tangle the hair regardless if it is wet or dry!

best hair ties for curly hair

7. Goodie Ouchless Hair Ties

An “OG” brand in the natural hair community, Goodie Ouchless Hair Ties are pain free, non metal hair ties that can secure the hair no matter what hair type or density. They are great at securing the hair without the “ouch”, resulting in less tension on the hair. They come in all different sizes and are a great option for everyday wear.

best hair ties for curly hair

8. Lily Silk Scrunchies

Uniquely made with Mulberry Silk, these scrunchies are durable yet soft and gentle on your hair. Lily Silk Scrunchies cause zero damage, prevents frizz and prevents breakage. Silk has a similar structure to human hair, being composed of amino acids which is why it is the perfect solution to holding the hair in place without creating any friction.

best hair ties for curly hair

9. Terra Ties

With its biodegradable feature, Terra Ties are ethically sourced, plastic free and made from quality ingredients. These hair ties are made of organic cotton on the outside and natural rubber on the inside, making it an excellent choice for a safe non slip grip for your ponytail.

best hair ties for curly hair

So you see, finding the right hair ties for your hair can be made simple with the list of options above! Some key things to note are:

  • Don’t wrap you hair ties too tight.
  • Always check the integrity of your hair tie to ensure it isn’t damaged or over stretched
  • Always ensure that your hair and your edges are not being painfully pulled into place when tied up for long or short periods of time.


I hope this helps in narrowing down your search on the best hair ties for curly hair! Comment below which one is your favorite.

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