The Best Denman Brush For Natural Hair!

Want to know how to choose the best Denman brush for your curls? It can be made simple with this quick guide to help you bring out the best in your hair! Here’s a list of the absolute best Denman brushes to help you decide which brush is right for you. 

Which Denman Brush Is Right For Me

Have you been struggling with curl definition when trying to achieve a wash and go? It can become a daunting task trying to encourage curl clumping and curl definition all in one.

Although many people shy away from using hair tools, the Denman brush can be a great addition to you hair arsenal and hair regimen. With just a simple understanding of what to look for in your brush, you’ll be surprised to learn that your styling process may actually even shorten!

After reading this guide, you will be well equipped to select the best brush for your natural hair and have an understanding on what to look for when selecting the right brush for your needs.


This post is all about the best Denman brush for naturally curly hair.

What is a Denman Brush and What Does It Actually Do?

Created by John Denman Dean in the 1930’s, the Denman brush was created to amplify curls and coils while increasing hair volume, curl clumping and definition. The Denman brush is great for all hair types, and remains to be a staple in the natural hair community. With its unique rows of teeth that are strategically spaced out to accommodate the twists and turns in curly hair, it has been regarded by many in the natural hair community to be the best when attempting to define and volumize curly hair.

How To Use A Denman Brush?

It is best to use this brush while hair is soaking wet! Use it in the shower when hair is saturated with water and maybe even with your favorite conditioner or leave-in conditioner applied for extra slip! You will see your curls bounce back to life and you will get the most definition and curl clumping when using the Denman brush for curly hair in this way. Be very careful to make sure that your hair is pretty detangled before running the brush through, as you really want to use it to encourage the curls to shape and form, rather than detangle. If you find that your Denman brush is actually snagging and pulling your hair, be sure to either modify it by removing some of the rows in the brush itself or just getting a Denman brush that better suits your curls.

Which Denman Brush Should I Use?

There are quite a few brushes to choose from and sometimes, choosing the best one  for your hair type can seem confusing. The most important thing to note when looking for the right brush, is the number of rows and being sure that it’s meant for defining the curls. The number of rows according to the brush can also be related to the density/volume you want to achieve for your hair. As stated before, there are many different brushes that do a variety of things and they come in all different sizes as well, but for the purposes of defining, smoothing and clumping curls, we will focus on the three best Denman brushes to choose from.

Denman Brush Guide

1. D3 Styler- 7 Row


D3 Styler - 7 Row denman brush
photo source:

denman brush 7 row styler

This is the ultimate hair brush that is perfect for not only smoothing the curls to create less frizz, but it’s great at defining them too! This brush is great for short to medium length hair. Work in small sections to avoid pulling or snagging the hair while brushing.

2. D31 Free Flow Styler- 7 Row

D31 Free Flow Styler- 7 Row denman brush
photo source:

denman brush free flow 7 row styler

This is considered Denman’s 3-in-1 styling tool and is great for creating volume, detangling and defining THICK curls.

3. D4 Styler- 9 Row

D4 Styler- 9 Row
photo source:

denman brush 9 row styler

This Denman brush is larger and is perfect for smoothing longer hair, defining and clumping curls.

Does Hair Type Matter When Selecting the best Denman Brush?

One of the main things to remember when selecting your Denman brush, is that no matter how much hair you have or the texture, it is always best to work in small sections. This will help to avoid breakage and snagging when brushing through the hair, while encouraging the best curl definition no matter what your texture is. Go slow and divide hair into quadrants before starting your brush process. Always make sure to use when hair is fully saturated with water (running from the shower or a spray bottle) and a detangling product of choice for more slip if needed. Be gentle and patient with your hair and you’ll be styling your curls to their best potential in absolutely no time!

Comment Below If You Have A Favorite Denman Brush That You Use On Your Hair!

This Post Was All About The Best Denman Brush For Natural Hair.


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