How Dr. Isfahan Chambers-Harris Founder of Alodia Hair Care, is committed to holistic approaches to natural hair care!

Dr. Isfahan Chambers Harris- Medical Scientist, Trichologist & CEO/Founder of Alodia Hair Care.!
Dr. Isfahan Chambers Harris- Medical Scientist, Trichologist & CEO/Founder of Alodia Hair Care!



In today’s episode, I catch up with Dr. Isfahan Chambers- Harris, the Founder/CEO of Alodia Hair Care! Not only is she an Entrepreneur, Wife and Mother, Dr. Isfahan is also a Medical Scientist and Trichology Practitioner.

Dr. Isfahan understands the concerns related to textured hair topics and clears up the misconceptions and misinformation that surrounds the topic of natural hair care.

Dealing with her own personal experiences with the use of unnatural and toxic hair products (which led to excessive hair damage), Dr. Isfahan turned to her expertise in Biology and Chemistry. She set out to create her own line of safe, non-toxic hair products. In the course of three years filled with extensive research and experimentation, Dr. Isfahan developed transformative products made with only organic and naturally sourced ingredients.

In 2017, Alodia Hair Care was officially launched and features a full line of products designed to make the hair growth process simple! Alodia Hair Care is a family friendly, science based hair company offering plant based products for optimal hair growth and scalp care.

Alodia Hair Care has been featured in Forbes, Essence, Oprah Magazine, Byrdie, Mane Addicts and more!

Dr. Isfahan is passionate about Alodia Hair Care and says the brand was created with the primary goal of educating and empowering black women around the globe, with a specific interest in STEM careers and black women earning PHD’s.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Hair Tips From The Expert
  • Hair Loss & Thinning Conditions
  • Scalp Care & Hair Growth
  • STEM careers and Black Women earning PHD’s

If you would like to hear more about Dr. Isfahan and get some expert advice on how to care for your natural hair, then continue to tune in!

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